Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slow and Easy

Day Sixty Two
My hand feels 100% better today and the swelling has diminished considerably. By next week, I'll be ready for a little more off trail scrambling but for now I'm sticking to the established trails. It's not really very exciting but it's good exercise and I get to see a few more people. Of course, that's not always a good thing.

I went back over to the Palm Desert Hiking Park and decided on the Hopalong Cassidy/Herb Jefferies Loop. You can pick up a FREE map of all the Palm Desert Trails at the Palm Desert Visitors Center on Painter's Path or just read this one at the trailhead.

I hike up the Gabby Hayes Trail like I have a couple of times already this year and hang a right at the first trail junction for the first time.

I am hoping there are plenty of flowers in bloom but am disappointed. There are far more flowers in both Palm Springs and La Quinta although the creosote is in full bloom.

And the brittlebush is finally coming to life.

I wonder if this is by the same stone circle makers as those in Palm Springs.

One thing the hiking park at the Cahuilla Hills Park lacks is a restroom. It's a big oversight. This trail into a canyon about halfway up the trail is to the only private spot on the trail. It's quickly obvious that many hikers use this as a potty break. I duck in there to pee only to be followed by another hiker thinking I'm on the main trail. Can't a man get a little privacy?

As you get higher on the hill, you get a nice view of Eisenhower and the mountains around it.

I head down the Herb Jefferies Trail and enjoy the view from it. My one previous adventure on this trail was taken at night. It's nice to see what the trail looks like.

If I have time tomorrow, I'll talk about how it's been to hike for two months every day. I also have a few pointers for those who might be considering undertaking such an endeavor.

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