Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pushin' It!


Papa's got a new pair of shoes!

I was quite excited to get a new pair of Patagonia trail running shoes delivered the other day and could not wait to try them out. After putting them through the paces, I can only say one thing.

My feet are in love.

I decided to put my new kicks to the test by going to Pushwalla Palms. It's the only trail I hadn't done this year at the Coachella Valley Nature Preserve so I figured this was the perfect time. The preserve honored my new shoes by putting some new steps on the trail.

You hike high on the ridge above Horseshoe Palms.

There are still some flowers along the trail but they are on their last legs. If you want to get out and see wildflowers in the desert, you'd better do so this weekend.

The palms and the mesquite are doing quite well, though.

Except this one palm which created a little trail limbo. Good thing no cars were around.

The oasis is strong and healthy with new growth emerging to replace the toppled trees.

It's easy to see why the oasis is so strong. There is a lot of flowing surface water.

There are several stands of large healthy palms at this oasis.

The trail goes right through one of them but I take the trail that goes around. Do you think I want to get my beautiful new shoes muddy on the very first day?

On the way out of the oasis, you come across this carcass of a vehicle that just didn't quite make it. I wonder if maybe a palm tree fell on it.

I feel so good that I literally run most of the way back from the oasis to the car. Of course, it's mostly downhill so that helps.

It's funny how a new pair of shoes can make a person so happy. Somewhere, Imelda Marcos must be smiling.


darlene said...

you should check out mission creek preserve. you could take the 3.6 mile trail to the pct junction. glad you're enjoying your new shoes! from darlene

darlene said...

have you done that one hike that goes behind bob hopes house?

Hal Summers said...

I have done the hike behind Bob Hope's house up the Araby Trail.

You can read about it at: