Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love A Parade


Earlier this month, the Desert Sun had an article about the Bump and Grind "Trail" in Palm Desert and how the new section was going to be widened to accommodate hikers who complained that the trail is too narrow. For some reason, hikers love to complain about this trail so I decided to go hike it and determine if their complaints were valid.

The trail starts behind Target in Palm Desert and at the beginning is about five feet wide.

The trail narrows to about two and a half feet wide and stays at this width pretty much the whole way until it hits the road portion. During this part it's actually kind of pretty with flowers lining a section of the trail.

OK, it's pretty unless you stop to look at the view and then, not so much.

I did come across this flower, the Sand Blazing Star, Mentzelia involucrata. It's the first one I've seen in full bloom this year so at least something good came from this hike.

Before hitting the road section, I see this little use trail and decide to take it. I wonder if this is the section of trail that those people are talking about. The rest seems fine to me.

I pass 48 other hikers during my time of the "trail". FORTY EIGHT! In comparison, on the Art Smith Trail, a far superior trail in terms of scenery and solitude, I passed five. And I hiked Art Smith on a weekend afternoon and B&G midday, during the week. That popularity is crazy to me, almost as crazy as wearing a hooded sweatshirt to hike on an 80ยบ day.

I don't really like this trail but at least I get a view of somewhere else I'd rather be.

This trail doesn't need any work. The bottom section is fine even if it doesn't match the width of the upper road section. And to those who think we need to waste trail funds on widening the Bump and Grind Trail....

...I got your trail right here.


msugarpants said...

Dude! I dont know how i stumbled across this blog, but you rock! You are an inspiration. I have seen your name before..... where have you seen the best flowers so far?

msugarpants said...

dude, you are an inspiration to me! Amazing! Everyone should see this blog. Where have you seen the best flowers so far?

Hal Summers said...

Wow, two comments! I'm feeling the love.

The best flowers I've seen are on the Henderson Trail near the Santa Rosa San Jacinto Visitors Center and on the Art Smith Trail.

I'm hoping to make it out to Anza Borrego and the Cottonwood entrance to Joshua Tree soon and see how it's doing in those places.

Thanks for reading.

msugarpants said...

I had no idea i left two comments that day. Here is a third for good measure. I saw good flowers this spring in Pushwalla canyon in J.T by the mining ruins off geology tour road, and in anza borrego off henderson valley road. of course, now there are none.