Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Alive!

Today I went and hiked on a local trail that I have never done, the Eisenhower Loop at The Living Desert. I don't know why I've never hiked this trail but it's probably because every time I've gone to the Living Desert no one else wanted to. Today I went with my youngest son, Nikolas, and I didn't give him a choice.

After paying admission to the Living Desert--I bought a Family Membership, which for $75 gives your family admission for a full year and two guest passes and is a great deal--you walk through the park following the signs to the hiking area.

They are very cautious, warning you of the possible extreme weather. Today, however, the weather was wonderful, a nice 80º.

The trails are wide and well maintained. Even grandma and her walker could handle this part.

You will find numerous shade structures and seating areas along the trail. This trail is definitely certainly created with Zoo goers in mind rather than real hikers. Not that hikers won't enjoy it, of course, but it's hardly a wilderness experience.

There are good directions and maps to be found along the way. Not that you could lost the trail anyway. It's HUGE.

And there are little interpretive signs to tell you about what you're seeing.

Now the real hiking begins. You get to a place where the trail enters this canyon and requires a lot of boulder hopping, which I love. My only problem is Nik really wants to go back and look at the animals, the incredible train set they have here and get a Dr. Pepper. But I have a year pass now! I can come back whenever I want and finish the trail on my own! I'll have to do it before it hits the 120º the big sign warns about. I hate the heat.

Hiking back you get a great view of the local mountains and desert terrain. The view in itself is worth the price of admission.

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