Friday, March 13, 2009

Batteries not included

I am so excited because yesterday I got my camera back from Canon and it's all better now. I'm not a photographer or anything but it does better close-ups and has a 12X optical zoom. I grabbed it on the way out the door and headed up Hwy. 74 to hike in upper Carrizo Canyon. There was only one problem. When I got to the parking area, I realized I forgot to put the batteries back in the camera. Dummy! Good thing my iPhone has a camera, limited though it may be.

I drop off Hwy 74 into the wash of Carrizo Canyon. There's an old road that goes in another way but that's too easy. What fun is that?

I hike for only about ten minutes and come across some water and a few mostly dry falls. Little short ones that are fun to climb.

A bit further up the canyon is this old water tank. With all the bullet holes in it, you can see why it is no longer in use.

There is also a lone Palm Tree. It is obvious that there is plenty of subsurface water here.

I get to this dry fall and end my hike today here. Years ago I would have bombed up this no problem but with a wife and kids at home I decide to come back and do it another day. Perhaps I'll bring someone to back me up or at least call my wife and tell her how I died. Besides, I need to go and get some batteries.

What's with the conflicting signs by the road when I hike out? One says Closed June 15-Sept 30 and the other just says, No Trespassing. I guess the brown one is bigger and on the top of the pole, so I'll just obey that one next time I come. I need to get in the sign making business.

I did get some batteries and then went for a little hike near the Santa Rosa/San Jacinto Monument Visitor's Center (can we give that place a short name, please?). I took a few shots of wildflowers which I'll post next.

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