Friday, March 6, 2009

Not on a trail of the Ancients

Trying to find Native American trails and sites is often a matter of guesswork. You look at the lay of the land, the area resources, migration patterns and try to figure out where something interesting might be. Sometimes you are successful and sometimes you are not. Today was not but you never know unless you go and look.

I pulled off at this little turnout just past Vista Point on Hwy 74

Here's another place I don't think I'll have a problem not coming to in the summer.

I figured I'd hike up to the base of Black Hill and see if there is anything interesting to find in any of the rocks at its base.

I found these pot sherds but not the type I'm looking for.

The only other thing I find is a really nice view of the Coachella Valley.

As I look around I begin to realize why there is not any Native American evidence here. There's not anything that would've interested an Indian here. There's no water, no food and no shelter.

I get to where I can look down into Carrizo Canyon but I don't have time to explore any further. Besides, there are better access points than this one.

On my way back I look up to the hillside and see this area that might be a rock shelter of some sort. Could I possibly find something of interest? Nah. But, maybe......

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