Friday, November 13, 2009

Wilhelm Palms to Willis Palms


Today was another of my easier hikes because I'm resting up for some harder adventures next week. Just because it's easy, though, doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. This morning I went to a ceremony at my son's school because he made honor roll (way to go, Harrison!) and after that I headed over to the Coachella Valley Preserve. I want to do a loop trip there of about eight miles but there's one section of the loop that I've never done. That is what I did this morning.

Pulling into the parking lot I was surprised and delighted to see about thirty cars. During the summer month I was often here alone. It's nice people are enjoying this area but I can guarantee that no one will be doing the same hike I will be on.

There are Nature Hikes now on Friday mornings at 8:30. It's not really my kind of thing but if any of you are interested here's the schedule.

There's a college group getting a tour and a talk about the geology of the area. They're hearing about the San Andreas Fault as I walk by.

I study the map but it doesn't show the way I plan on going so I guess I've just wing it. It won't be the first time.

I head south from the oasis and walk out near the road. I move toward the hillside as soon as possible and find a trail. This doesn't look like a manufactured trail but is more like an Indian trail or a use trail.

I climb a small hill and find that the trail is well defined and easy to follow. It drops down into the wash that heads over to Willis Palms.

There's the palm oasis.

The Willis Palms is a large oasis that's readily visible from Ramon Road or the 1000 Palms Canyon Road. There's a shorter hike that gets here but the way I came today will be part of a larger trip later this month or sometime next month depending on when I get time.

I head back to the Wilhelm Grove and wish I had enough time to do the loop today because the weather is perfect for it. That's OK because the weather will be pretty much perfect for the next six months.

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