Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When You Want Something Done....


It has often been said that when you want something done, you have to do it yourself. That point was driven (or hiked) home today. I went out toward the top of the La Quinta cove trails for a short hike because I had to work this morning and saw a few things that did not make me happy.

The parking lot is much busier now than at any time in the past six months.

After my last hike up here a couple of months ago I called the city and told them about this graffiti and gave them directions on where to come a paint over it. It's obviously still there. I guess that'll be a little project for me like this one.

Hiking along I get to a place where the vegetation has overtaken the best route. In addition to bringing paint out here I'll have to bring some loppers as well.

Add bird seed to the list. There aren't a lot of seeds in the wild right now and having some here might keep the birds from eating me grass seed.

In areas of historical significance this might be known as historical litter. Here, however, it is known by a different name: junk.

I wonder how many trash bags this will take. If these were recyclable for 5¢ each I wouldn't have to worry about coming here again and cleaning it up.

Then on the way back I came upon this bad trail erosion. I don't mind mountain bikes riding the trails up here but they tear them up and don't ever do anything to rectify that. Some time with a shovel would do wonders here.

Not everything about this hike was negative. There's nothing that needs to be done with these views except to enjoy them.

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