Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood


Pain usually gets worse on the second day after a big physical push for me but I actually feel OK today. OK except when I move. Then, my calves hurt, my knees are a bit wobbly and my kidneys feel like they've been punched. I haven't figured out if sitting or lying down is preferable because they but have their own problems. When I sit down my glutes hurt and while I lie down I start cramping up. I wish I felt good enough to go somewhere but I don't so I got Kahlua and went out to our little neighborhood trails.

Kahlua hasn't been out in a few days so she's very excited to chase anything that moves even it's just the wind blowing on a creosote bush.

It's great to be able to just leave my house and go out and hike but I'd sure like to see some different scenery, like maybe Zion National Park or the Na Pali Coast.

I just wish the trail was not quite so rocky; my footing is not so great today for some reason.

There are so many ways to go that even the trail makers here weren't sure. There is the more modern trail with the rock outline and the rock piles from the original Indian path.

But none of that matters to Kahlua. Regardless of whatever path there is, cross country is her favorite mode of travel. In a few days, when I'm back among the living that'll be mine, too.

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Brenda said...

hi Hal,
great job!