Saturday, November 7, 2009

South Of Devil Canyon, La Quinta


I like to go really light on my hikes often taking little more than a water bottle and my camera. It allows me to travel fast over rugged terrain covering a lot of area in a short time. Sometimes, though, it backfires on me. It did today. When I got out of my Jeep ready to hike, I hit the button on my camera and the screen flashed "Check Your Batteries" and then died. I usually have extra batteries but today I didn't bring the headlamp so I was without any extras. I'd have to use my cellphone for the pictures today and I'm never happy with them when I do.

I start to hike up Devil Canyon, south of La Quinta and wonder if there just might be an Indian trail somewhere in these mountains.

The Boo Hoff Trail takes off on the right side of the wash so I wonder if perhaps there's one on the left side that heads up into the mountains.

I leave the wash and head out overland.

I have to watch my step because there's enough out here to do some real damage.

It looks like my hunch was correct. It looks like a trail or at least I think it might be. It is very faint.

I find a couple of rock piles that often signify an Indian trail marker so I think I may be onto something.

Oh, this is definitely a trail. The longer I follow it the more distinct it gets. When I follow it back I'll have to see where it starts so that next time I come up here I'll be able to go straight to it.

I hear a sound and look above me as a Bighorn walks across the hill above me. Now I really wish I had a better camera. Another, larger ram heads across the hill on the other side of me but my pictures of him don't come out well and the video I shot is not posting for some reason. It's not very good quality, anyway. Maybe next time up in addition to extra batteries I'll bring a real camcorder.

I follow the trail until it become very tough to find. There are a few sections where erosion makes the trail very indistinct. I'll have to come back with more time, more supplies and maybe a hiking partner. It's pretty rugged from here on.

There has to be a lot to discover out here. I have never heard anyone mention this trail before but it's obviously at one time seen more than a few visitors.

I really, really, really want to know where this trail leads.

Although the larger ram has moved on, the smaller ram maintains a lookout high on the ridge.

It's a good vantage point and I can't wait to get up here again.

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