Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Morning Stroll


After yesterday's thirty mile jaunt I decided something easy was in order for today, real easy. Since I had to go to work this morning I needed to go and stretch my legs out before going in. They didn't want to cooperate but I went anyway.

I figured the Living Desert Nature Trail would be a good bet because it's mostly flat, it's well maintained and it's close.

Where else would I be able to hike by Christmas decorations? The Living Desert is getting ready for their Wildlights holiday event so there's a lot going on.

When I get to the start of the trail I figure I'd better sign in just in case I pass out 1/2 mile from here.

I look up on the side of the hill to determine if I want to hike up to this exhibit. The answer to that one is easy: NO.

I'll just stick to the simple path today, thank you.

When I get to where the trail narrows and heads into the canyon I see a group heading into the more rugged section of this route. They can have it. I'll be stopping at the table at the shade structure. That'll be far enough for me today.

Yesterday, thirty miles were OK but that extra three would be too far today.

I've got some Antelope Ground Squirrels to keep me company, though, so this is perfect for now. I watch them scurry around on the rocks while I sit and stretch my muscles. The atmosphere and the hike are exactly what I need, relaxing.

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brenda said...

Hal, Thank you! I send so many guests to Living Desert to hike and since I am NOT a hiker...this really helps.