Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Same But Different


I get bored doing the same hike over and over again. If I had my way I would do 365 different hikes this year but unfortunately time and money do not allow it so I've had to repeat some hikes. When I have to do this I try to make it a little different by taking someone else along or adding a new section to one I've done before. Today I did both of these, sort of.

I did this trail near my house and took Kahlua along. What was different is that we came back a new way that we've never done before.

We get to the trail junction and take a right.

I'd like to go left again soon and go to the end of some of these canyons. I've been up there but not to the end. I know there's something cool up there, I just know it.

By going to the right I come to a big wash and this will be our return route. I've never done this before so I'm excited to see what's down here.

The wash narrows and heads down this little dry fall.

Kahlua takes one look at it and says, "What are ya, nuts?". I ain't going down that. I call her and grab her collar but she jerks away. I head down alone and figure she'll find her own way.

I had no doubt. That dog is a good route finder.

We get to another section where the wash narrows and goes through some rocks.

I'm kinda worried about this one. I think the fall might be bigger and the detour longer.

I was mistaken about the difficulty. It wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be. Kahlua even wonders what's taking me so long. I don't have four legs, OK?

This rock stands out to me because it's almost a perfect cube. I want it in my yard but it's a little too heavy for me to carry home.

It must have stood out to some earlier visitors because I find a pot sherd not far from this rock.

And a few more close by.

As we near the end of our hike we come across these tools and wonder if a mystery trail maker left them here.

It looks like trails aren't what they're interested in but these crazy circles. I figure that's OK because who really needs a trail anyway?

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