Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bedeviled and Bewildered


A few weeks ago I went south of Devil Canyon in La Quinta and discovered a new--to me--Indian Trail. I saw two Bighorn on that hike but didn't have my camera so had to take pictures with my iPhone which didn't turn out that great. Today I went back over there hoping to see those sheep again and this time I not only had my camera but I also brought a camcorder.

As exciting as it is to see sheep, what really thrilled me about that trip was the new trail. I followed it as far as I could but lost it. I'm hoping I can pick it up again and see where it goes.

This afternoon was perfect for hiking. Cool, overcast and with some rain falling in the distance.

There are some dark clouds up in the direction that I'll be going; I hope they don't decide to start dumping on me. All I have on is a cotton shirt.

It's amazing how easily I find the trail. I gain elevation and can see the rain really coming down over near the Indio Hills. I kinda wish I were over there.

This trail is one of the most well defined in this area. I just hope I can find out where it goes.

Today there are no Bighorn although they've definitely been here. This well used sheep den has some fresh droppings.

I look high to see if I can find the continuation of the trail. No luck here.

I look across the hill but there's nothing there, either. I have no idea where this trail goes and it's very frustrating.

Another frustration is how little time I have to look. The clouds and the night descend quickly and I've got to get out of here.

How such a well defined trail just diminishes into nothing is a mystery. Where does it go? Why can't I find it?

What I really need to do is come up here with a full day so I can make as many wrong turns as I need in order to find the right way.

If there is one.

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