Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HIdden Palms The Long Way


I am starting to get sick.

The wife has been a seething pustule of infection for the past few days and she's been kind enough to share with me. Right now it's just the start of a head cold, sore throat, tired eyes, minor congestion but I'm sure it'll intensify. It's that time of year.

When determining where to hike this afternoon I could either go with a tried and true route or try to mix it up a bit and do something different. I decide on the latter.

Bad choice.

I went to the Coachella Valley Preserve and rather than doing a tried and true route I decide to try something different. The head cold must be affecting my thinking. I hike toward the cliff area and take a right and follow the wash down toward Ramon Road.

Not only am I walking in sand, I am also heading straight into the blinding light of the setting sun. It's OK, though. There's really not much to see.

I get to the end of the hillside and turn left. The signs for the trail take me across more soft sand along Ramon Road. I'm not near done, I only wish I were.

I round the next corner and am about two and a half miles into the hike and come upon the Covered Wagon Tour headquarters.

At this point, my head feels about like this guy's.

I leave the Ranch area and head over to Hidden Palms.

This is a great little oasis and one day I'd like to visit earlier in the day and stay a while, maybe bring a lunch.

Upon leaving the oasis I get on the regular trail and the going is SO much better. I will never again go the way I went today but you never know until you try.

Finishing up with just enough light I check and see that I've done over four miles instead of the usual two miles it takes to get to the Hidden Palms. I guess this just goes to show that more is not always better.

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