Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home Again, Home Again


After two days out on new trails it was time to get back to the familiar. I asked the kids and the wife if they wanted to go but they declined. Kahlua had no such choice; she's on a leash. I wish I had one for the other family members but they probably wish the same thing for me.

I headed out on this familiar trail and am happy that as I'm heading out six people are heading in. Kahlua and I have this little wilderness to ourselves.

Kahlua the hunter is always on the lookout for something. If a bug so much as moves, she's on it.

I don't think she should mess with this, though.

We go a different way then we've ever gone before and it looks like some moron painted his IQ on this rock.

This trail continues and is one we've not done before but it looks in good shape and well traveled.

The trail heads up to this mountain. It's an interesting spot with lots of holes in the rocks.

This area near the hill is flat and smooth and would make a wonderful campsite.

We didn't bring any camping gear so we have to head back but we'll be back. There's no end to what we might find out here and that's what keeps us coming back.

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