Friday, November 6, 2009

Pushawalla Ridge


It is hard to fathom that over three hundred days into hiking this year I could discover a new trail that I hadn't done or known of but I did. It is over to the east of Washington Street near the Coachella Valley Preserve. On the past couple of times I've driven out that way I noticed what looked like a road or trail going up a ridge west of Pushawalla Canyon. Since this is an area that has been used for four wheeling in the past I figured it was an old Jeep trail but I decided to check it out anyway. I'm glad I did.

I take the Jeep on a little 4X4 drive over the where the trail starts and discover it actually is a trail. There's no parking area and you need a 4X4 to get there but it definitely is a trail.

The trail has seen recent work and a few hikers. I'm surprised to see footprints; I guess someone else saw this from Washington Street.

The trail climbs straight up the ridge and offers nice views of the valley below.

From the top, you also get nice views of San Jacinto and San Gorgonio. This would be a good place to watch a sunset or moonrise.

The trail splits and one section heads over to Hidden Palms and the other goes toward Horseshoe Palms and then to Pushawalla Palms.

It comes to this barricade made of palm tree logs.

It is a good thing it is here because there's about an 80 foot drop on the other side.

I hike over to the main Pushawalla Palms and drop down this canyon to the palms.

Before getting to the oasis you have to do the limbo.

Pushawalla Palms is one of the larger oases along the San Andreas Fault.

The palms are tall, mature and loaded with palm fruit. Mesquite also grows throughout the canyon indicating that water is readily available beneath the surface.

It's such a nice day I really wish I'd brought a lunch along. I'll know next time.

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