Saturday, May 16, 2009

Risky Business


Being a dad is hard work. It also involves a bit of sacrifice. Today, I had to sacrifice a day in the mountains in order to let my kids hang out and play with their friends. So I was stuck in the desert for today's outing. Luckily, the high today only hit 100ยบ so by this afternoon it was actually kind of nice in a warm sort of way.

As I start out, it's still somewhat warm and I am in the sun but it's setting, thankfully.

Before I get too far the sun has already set behind the hills leaving me in the blessed shade.

Higher up the sun still shines.

Just off the trail is another rock circle. This has to be at least the twentieth that I've seen this year. At least.

A bit higher up a hawk leaves his perch and takes flight.

I get to the trail sign and this time decide to take the trail to the Lake Cahuilla overlook. How risky can this trail possibly be?

How risky, indeed?

After climbing a gully that might as well have been filled with coyote crap I get to the top.

I am greeted with a very nice view of Lake Cahuilla. I don't have much time to enjoy it because I don't want to go down Coyote Crap Gulch in the dark.

Oh yes, this is going to be fun.

I get down to the main trail, which is still not without its rough parts with just enough time to make it back to my Jeep before dark.

Or maybe not.

Today I was a good dad. I let the kids play with their friends, I didn't strangle them when they talked back to me and I didn't take them on this rocky and risky hike. But next week they're doing what I want if I have to take their friends to the mountains with us.

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