Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Chillin'


Today was one of those days--and there are many--when I just went out for a little hike near home. I had to work this morning and tonight my son had a baseball game so my choices were limited.

I started up the trail and saw that some sunlight was still covering the trail up ahead. I decide to take it slow so I'll stay in the shade the whole time.

I come with my most faithful hiking companion, Kahlua, as I often do on these hikes near home. I wish the wife and kids would come with me more often but they always try to bite me whenever I attempt to put the leash on them.

We are now fully ensconced in the shade of the mountains and the temperature is delightful. Kahlua is so comfortable that she even refuses water when I offer it to her.

The only sunlight near our hiking area is on the top of this little hill. We won't be going there today so no worries.

This is what happens if you spend too much time in the direct sunlight.

I follow the trail along and knock down all the unnecessary cairns. I have been bringing a hiking stick in case I meet a snake along the way but it works very well as a cairn dismantler. I may start carrying one all the time.

I thought we were alone but I notice this guy up on the hillside reading a magazine. He has his shoes off and is really making himself comfortable. I thought I was just chillin' today but I've got a way to go before I get to be as cool as this guy.

I get to the baseball game but, sadly, it doesn't turn out well for my son's team. They lose their second playoff game and are eliminated. Maybe now he'll go hiking with me more often. Or not, he tells me.

I guess I'll need to get a bigger leash.

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