Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Following the Herd


Does anyone out there have any suggestions on getting me some sponsorship? I have so many wonderful hikes I'd love to do all over this beautiful country of ours but there's only one thing stopping me: I have to work to pay my bills. Because of that simple fact there are some of my hikes that are quite frankly just a bit boring, like today. Wouldn't it be great, though, if I could travel around the country, do incredible hikes along the way and get paid for it? I'd still post the pictures for you to enjoy and you could sense a certain amount of awe and wonder while YOU sit in your cubicle at work and read about all the great places I get to visit. So think about it and leave me any suggestions in the comments section.

Since I was going after work I couldn't be too picky. I had two things I required of a hike today. One, it had to be in the shade and two, it couldn't be on a road. So I headed to the "hiker's" hangout behind Palm Desert Target and headed up the start of the Hopalong Cassidy Trail. Most people who hike it think it is the Bump and Grind Trail but they would be wrong. Bump and Grind is the road. This new trail has a different name although it's not posted. There still is some sun on the trail but by the time I get up there it'll be gone so I'm good.

I'd only hiked this section of trail in the dark this year so this is my first time seeing it in full daylight. It's a well engineered trail, not too steep.

As it heads up the ridge, it gets a little steeper. It's not too bad, though. You can see where people have cut the switchbacks. It may not be a problem now but if we get a couple of good thunderstorms this summer, it's goodbye, trail. The erosion could be incredible.

It's a good thing I didn't choose the hike to the cross today; it's in the sun.

You get to a point where the trail traverses across the hill but that's so boring. I can only stay on the trail for so long. This canyon looks interesting, though.

Over to the left of the canyon I find this little trail. I guess I'm not the only one with this idea.

The trail peters out quickly and I end up having to climb some rocks. It won't be the first time or the last.

I think about going up to the top of B&G but decide against it because I'd have to walk the road and it looks like it's in the sun. I decide to go another way.

It won't be this way, though. I could go down this hill to the trail I came up but it's just a bit too steep and a bit too loose and a bit too rocky. I'll find another way.

After wandering around a little, I hit the trail and head back down. I still don't understand the popularity of this area but I think I have an idea that makes sense. While most people who come up here say they are hiking, they are not. They are working out, just like you'd do in a gym. In fact, the majority of the people here do not even wear hiking clothing or shoes but wear workout attire. I doubt very many of them have ever hiked another trail and that's OK. There are days when all I can do is follow the herd but on the days I want to get away from it I am happy that they won't be following me. I can't say I had a very good hike today but I did get an OK workout and some days that's all I can do. At least until I get a sponsor. Work on that for me, will ya?

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