Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hidden in Plain Sight


Today I was back home in La Quinta and after a day at work went for a hike at the top of the cove. I'd have to miss the first half of the Lakers game--and this is like death to me--but I am committed (or should be) so off I went.

I head for the setting sun and the temperature is quite comfortable. I have plenty of fluids along just in case.

I head up the trail toward a canyon that I visited a few months ago with my son and one of the neighbor kids. I won't go all the way to the canyon today. I don't want to miss the whole game.

The trail sign that was blown down last month has a hand written note that it will be repaired later when it cools down.

Everything plant out here now is pretty much dead or dormant but life never ceases in the desert and these seeds will become next years wildflowers.

There is still plenty of life about. It is amazing how well camouflaged this grasshopper is.

Speaking of camouflaged, I spot this blind just off the trail.

I'm not sure how old this might be but this was originally an Indian trail and there are still several rock pile markers along the trail of the type the Indians made rather than the type (three rocks atop one another) modern hikers make.

I go down to look at the canyon and wonder if this might be a good way to go and Kahlua just goes for it. I've never gone this way but it seems like a good way to me. It's been here the whole time but I've never gone this way. How did I miss it?

It's a nice sandy bottom wash and makes for a nice loop.

There a few sections where the rocks close in but nothing impassable. Sadly, some morons decided to tag some of the rocks with spray paint. I won't show it to give them any notoriety. Next time up I just might bring some paint of my own that matches the rocks.

The wash is a nice way to go despite the graffiti of some imbecile. I see three of these birds flying around but can't make out what they are. They are too quick and it's getting dark. They might be Kestrels--I photographed one in a palm tree across the street the other day--but I can't be sure. It's fun to watch their interplay and see them ride the wind.

Although I miss a good portion of the game, I am back to see the Lakers beat the Nuggets as Kobe scores 40. I'll have to watch the schedule a little more closely from here on out but if I have to miss a hike or miss a game it's no contest. I can always watch the highlights on ESPN.

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