Monday, February 2, 2009

Way Out of Bounds

Day Thirty Three
I know I'm going to make it to that golf course someday.  Today, however, was not the day.  I set out again to walk over the hill toward the golf course and pick up some loose golf balls that hackers continually hit up into the rocks.  No one goes up to get them so they sit out there baking in the sun waiting for me to come along.  Yet, once again I got distracted by yet another little trail I stumble upon before getting to my ultimate destination.

Here we go again.

I can see the golf course but the trail goes up and not down

It gets steeper and rockier.  I know this is gonna suck coming down.

Here's the top.  This little knob is only about 400 ft tall and it doesn't take much time to climb it but it's rocky and loose and not much fun.

This is the place I call home, The La Quinta Cove, with hiking right out your door.

There are some things you only need to do once and I think climbing this little hill is one of them.  Climbing down it was not fun.  I had to remember to breathe because I thought every step my foot was going to slide out from under me.  After two days of climbing loose, rocky slopes I'll be looking for something fairly flat tomorrow.  Unless.....

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