Monday, February 9, 2009

Ireland in Palm Springs

Day Forty
With the day off work, I was planning a little excursion to Joshua Tree.  That didn't work out. My brother was going with me but he changed his plans at the last minute and, driving down the I-10, it was quite easy to tell that Joshua Tree got a fair amount of snow.  I love the snow but for the hike I planned it just wouldn't do.  Time for an alternate plan.

I drove over to Snow Creek and thought about hiking up toward the PCT and the Indian rock shelter over there when something caught my eye: a palm oasis growing to the east of Snow Creek.  That looks interesting so I decide to head out over there.

The area is so green it's hard to believe this is the desert.  With the rain and the grass it's more like what I think Ireland must be like.

I hike over to the palms and discover they've been burned but appear to be healthy.

Looks like some kind of spring.  It's the only surface water at this oasis.

I hike up the hill behind the palms and look down on the oasis.

A bit higher on the hill I am able to look up at the snow capped mountains.  I would guess the snow level was down to about 3,500 feet.

I wander around the hillside and find this guzzler.

I also find this contraption and cannot imagine what it would be doing here.

The Jeep is way down there (look close) and it's starting to cloud up a bit more so I decide to head out.

As I get back to the Jeep the clouds are starting to drop more and the rain gets steadier.

By the time I make it to the main road, it's pouring.

Oh wait, I'd better clean off my lens.  The clouds have dropped all the way down and the rain is coming down hard.  It's been a great day for hiking but now it's time to get home and have an Irish Coffee.

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