Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Nowhere Fast

Day Forty Eight
With a long day at work the only time I could go hiking was early in the morning, too early.  I knew it was going to be a bad day when I woke up in pain.  My back was killing; it felt like someone stick a samurai sword in it, then twisted.  I stumbled into the kitchen and the first thing my wife said to me was, "I didn't make any coffee this morning".  Great.  

I head out on my hike, after taking some Aleve, and hope my day gets better.  I stop to take a picture and my camera doesn't work.  Lens error.  Restart camera it says.  I try that and it doesn't work.  It figures.  Good thing I brought my phone.  At least I can use that for a few pictures.

I start out by hiking south through the Fred Wolff Bear Creek Nature Preserve.

I get up to the trail and am really looking forward to finding out where it goes.

It's not very long before I discover where this trail goes.  Nowhere.  What is this, the Sarah Palin Trail?

On my way back home I notice this message.  Of course, the person who owns this is probably still in bed.

I then get this message.  OK, I guess life is good.  Now if I can only get some coffee it'll be perfect.

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