Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Secret Pathway

Day Fifty Five
Today I had to call in a favor. Last month, I went to hike an old Indian Trail that goes between Indian Wells and La Quinta. I was unable to complete the hike due to obstructions called gated communities. Through a personal connection I was able to gain access and go on my hike. Don't ask for the number, though. The homeowners association would probably have a fit if a bunch of hikers came traipsing through their private community. Hikers are sweaty, have dirt of their bodies and might wear shirts without collars. I had to pretend I wasn't a hiker. I told them my name was Biff.

You park near this cave in the side of the mountain. Its location is top secret.

I hike behind the homes until I come to the location of the trail

It is marked with this sign. I'm glad the sign is still here. There was a rock that had a bedrock mortar in it years ago but it is now gone, the victim of development. Hopefully, it's in the Historical Society Museum and not some dude's backyard.

The trail rises sharply and steeply. Actually, there are two trails which intermingle as they go up the hill. One is the original Indian Trail and the other, a reworking of it to make it not so steep. Personally, I prefer the steep trail. Those Indian Trails were no nonsense.

At the top of the trail there are two good size trail monuments.

Looking down into Indian Wells.

I get to the bottom near the golf course and decide to look around for any signs of Indian inhabitation, like bedrock mortars or pot sherds. I know the Cahuilla had a village site at the base of this trail but the remnants of it are probably under the golf course. However, the golf course has a nice little monument to the Indians, the Indians of the Pacific Northwest, that is.

While scouting around I see an area that's not been developed, which seems weird, and walk around there a bit. I quickly notice this huge rock monument. It must be over seven feet tall. I can't be sure but it looks like something the Indians may have built. I'll have to check with the city, maybe someone there knows. It would explain why this land was never developed.

This arrow shaped rock on the top of the monument is a nice touch.

There is also a large rock circle on the ground which often signifies a grave site.

And up on the hill, I spot this hunting blind.

Unfortunately, I didn't call my friend who lives in this country club and so I don't have permission to be here today. I'm going to high tail it back to La Quinta before the golf ranger comes and throws me out. But if anyone reported somebody walking around the golf course today, just remember: the name is Biff.

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I have been wanting to do this trail for a long, long time.