Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boo Who?

Day Forty Nine
Today I set out to hike on the Boo Hoff Trail here in La Quinta.  I've done this trail a couple of times but it's been a few years and I always do it from the North end starting in the La Quinta Cove.  This time I'll be starting and ending on the Southern end.

I start hiking near this trail sign at the edge of the wilderness.

The trail splits and I decide to take it to the right.  I know this is not the way the trail goes but I am curious to find out where this other trail heads.
My curiosity is not well rewarded.  The trail just loops around this little mountain and I end up right back where I started.

Finally I'm on the real trail.

The trail heads up a little bit and then drops into this wash.  The wash narrows and then splits.  I follow the wash to the left.

It becomes obvious after climbing several small dry waterfalls that I am no longer on any trail.  It's a nice day so I just keep going.

I get to the end with this rock and mud wall about twelve feet high.  I could easily climb it but I don't really want to climb back down it so I decide to head back at this point.

As I'm hiking back toward my Jeep I have an epiphany.  The Boo Hoff Trail is about a mile south of here in Devil Canyon.  So if I haven't been on the Boo Hoff Trail, what trail have I been on?

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