Friday, February 6, 2009

Musings on a Month Gone By

Day Thirty Seven
So far I've hiked every day for a little over a month.  There isn't anyone I know who isn't surprised, including me.  Had I taken wagers on how long this would last, I think the over/under would have been ten days.

There are a few things I've discovered while working on this adventuresome undertaking.  Here is what I've discovered.

Hiking never gets boring for me.  Sometimes I set off for a short hike and end up going twice or three times longer than I intended to.  Even then I feel I want to go even further.  

Hiking brings a sense of peacefulness.  There is something restorative about being outside in beautiful surroundings with nothing but your thoughts.  I have an iPod and an iPhone but I seldom use them on my hikes.  I relish letting my thoughts wander and allowing the power of nature to flow through me.  On a hike I don't worry about time, what needs to be done at home, work,  anything.  It's purifies the spirit.

Hiking every day is taxing on your body.  Especially if you never rest.  Although none of my hikes yet have been particularly grueling, the cumulative effect is that my feet hurt and I'm tired a lot.  Maybe a trip to the spa and a pedicure might help with that.  I know that even God rested on the seventh day and while I am not going to institute a Sabbath Day, I think I'll start having what I call "restful hikes", short, easy hikes close to home.  Today I had a restful hike. I'm going to shoot for one a week but who knows, maybe I'll need two.

Hiking every day wears stuff out.  I destroyed one pair of shoes and am almost done with another.  Now, neither of these pairs of shoes were new but I'd expected at least to get a couple of months out of them.  I'll be getting some new shoes soon.  In addition to shoes, I've ripped some clothes and worn out some socks.  I'm finally getting around to cleaning out my closet.

Hiking takes time.  There are so many places I'd love to go hiking if I only had the time. Instead of just hiking around my home and in the nearby vicinity, I'd love to venture travel to National Parks, high mountain peaks and far away and exotic lands.  But with work and the family, it's tough to do that.  I'm hoping to go to several cool, wild places to hike but sometimes my plans outweigh my possibilities.  

Hiking cost money.  The actual hiking is free but park admission, Tram passes and gas add up. It is certainly not a prodigious amount but it's more than I'd spend if I were sitting on my couch at home.

Of course, it's been well worth it but it sure would be great to have a sponsor.  Maybe since Kellogg dropped Michael Phelps they'd want to pick me up.  I love cereal.  And although I don't have any gold medals, I don't do bong rips, either.  I'll try to pitch that: "Hikes every day; doesn't smoke weed". 

Jeep would be another great sponsor.  I could drive all over the US, Canada and Mexico in my Jeep and hike every day.  It'd be like a reality show without the crazy, whacked out celebrities. Although my hiking has cost a little bit of money, it is certainly less expensive than other things middle age men take up, like, collecting coins, stamps, cars or girlfriends.  

Hiking has allowed me to stay happily married.   My wife hasn't come right out and said it but I think she likes getting me out of the house for a few hours each day.  Also, not collecting any girlfriends has also helped.

I guess that's it for now.  Here are a few pictures of my "rest hike" today.

This is yet another little trail right near my house.  There must be ten trails within 2 miles of where I live.

But which one do I take this time?

Maybe I'll climb up here to another cross on the top of another hill.  I'll just make sure I secure my keys this time

There is a fair amount of green growth in the desert right now including this little bush with nice purple flowers.

I really have to find that flower book of mine.

So far I've been having a great time.  I'm really looking forward to a day off of work tomorrow. Maybe I'll go hiking

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Snooty Aunt Cynthia said...

I am not surprised that you have hiked every day so far this year. Nor will I be surprised when you make it to the end of the year and have hiked every day for a year. So just know someone is not surprised by what you have so far achieved and will continue to achieve in the future. and, btw, the photos ROCK!