Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Around the Corner

One of the difficulties of trying to hike every day is figuring out when to do the other things that are necessary in one's life.  Shopping.  Cooking.  Cleaning.  Working.  Errands. 

I am extremely grateful that my wonderful wife has been very supportive in handling many of the jobs necessary in running a household and doing a lot of tasks that I haven't had time for. She's been cooking, hauling kids to sports, doing the grocery shopping and even registering my Jeep with the DMV.  On top of that, she's had to listen to my groaning about the various aches and pains that come from hiking.  Every morning, she even has a list of any typos I made the day before--she loves pointing out my mistakes; without her, I would never be able to hike every day.  (Oh wait, maybe I should save all this praise for Valentine's Day).

Today, however, I had to do an errand that she couldn't do for me.  I had to go to Cathedral City and pick up a computer keyboard from someone I found on Craigslist.  After that, I was off to work.  It's  a good thing there are hikes in Cathedral City.

I've not done much hiking in Cathedral City so it took a few minutes to figure out where. There's a trail that someone built near the top of the Cathedral City Cove but I don't have time to do that so I decide to head to Cathedral Canyon.

I find the gate where I'm going to start my hike and am relieved that I will not have to share my adventure with any vehicles.

As I head up the canyon I look up on the hillside and can see Dunn Road and the top of Murray Hill.  On a day I have a bit more time I'll be heading up there.  From the top, Murray Hill has THE best view in the Coachella Valley.

This is what happens to vehicles that don't obey that sign.

I head up this canyon.  There's an old road that heads up the hill on the right but that'll have to wait for another day.

There are a bunch of little dry waterfalls in the canyon that are fun to climb.

Then you hit this much bigger dry fall.  There is no work around so you just have to climb it.  There are plenty of hand and foot holds so it's not too hard.

I come upon this lonely palm tree.  

Obviously, there is subsurface water here or this palm could not live here.

In the side of the hill, I find a pack rat's nest.  It looks a lot like my office at home.

I come upon this even larger dry fall and decide this is a good turnaround point.

There is a trail around this fall but it's off to work I go.

You know, this waterfall was much easier to go up than it looks like it will be to go down.  Of course, if I fall, I will probably only break my leg and not die so I climb down with confidence.

I figure in a month or so this canyon will be very nice with lots of wildflowers along the way.  Of course, I could probably say the same thing about a hundred other canyons here.  That's the great thing about living in the Coachella Valley; no matter what city you're in, it seems like there's a fun hike just around the corner.

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