Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Stroll


I wish I had more Sundays off, especially during football season. But, alas, I work in the hotel industry and Sundays are a busy day for us. I cannot remember the last time I took Sunday off so I decided to take it easy on my hike instead. OK, easy for me.

The Southern part of the South Lykken Trail starts near this welcoming sign and if I didn't know any better I'd think I shouldn't hike here. Keeps the crowds down.

Here's a little trail side memorial. Is the person buried here or did they die here? If not, then this is not an appropriate place for their memorial. Just like those people who turn their vehicle into a rolling tombstone by plastering a memorial on their car window. Have a little respect for the dead, please.

About 1/2 a mile up the road you get to the actual trail.

One thing hiking in the desert does is make hiking elsewhere easy. Desert trails go UP! I like the no-nonsense nature of a lot of our trails because you gain elevation quickly.

Gaining elevation quickly is good because it gives you access to great views. I guess that's why they have a Vista Point. I don't know who Simonetta Kennett is or why they named this place for her. Maybe I need to start putting signs with my name around when I go hiking.

The view certainly is nice. And the picnic tables are a nice touch.

During my short little afternoon stroll, I came upon three signs bearing people's names. I guess we all want to be remembered so I'm going to make a request. After I'm gone, don't put any signs up bearing my name or build any shrines or put my name on your car. Just name a mountain after me. This one would be OK. To start.

And a couple picnic tables on top would be OK, too.

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