Monday, April 27, 2009

Samuelson Rocks, Joshua Tree National Park


Last week I went out to Joshua Tree to visit Samuelson's Rocks. I never made it. I saw some other cool stuff including a well but no rocks. This morning it was time to try again. My time was quite limited because of the need to drop off and pick kids up from school but that's how my days go.

I start hiking and find what looks like a trail but it quickly fades out. From where I parked this is going to be a fully cross country excursion.

I wander across the open desert looking for some rocks. These rocks look very promising.

And for good reason. I have made it to the Samuelson Rocks. Finally. I'll just let the rocks speak for themselves.

There may be other rocks and sayings in the area but, like I said before, my time here is limited. I'll have to come back when I have more.

In addition to the rocks, there was also a lot of historical litter of the type that is very common as old homesteads. No need to post any pictures of it but you can see it when you go and visit for yourself.

On the hike back to the car, a Turkey Vulture (I thought it was a Golden Eagle but have been corrected) flew within about 100 feet of me. He was cruising the desert looking for varmints and looked up and figured I was just a bit too big for an easy meal. He veered off to the side and I caught this shot of him.

It took a rare breed to settle in an area like the desert of Joshua Tree. Someone who was independent, a bit rough, anti-establishment and maybe just a little crazy. It certainly seems Mr. Samuelson fit the bill here. You may never find any of his thoughts and saying in a book of great thinker or philosopher but this little corner of the wilderness his words are forever etched in stone.

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Anonymous said...

Hal, that's a Turkey Vulture, note the light color on the trailing edge of the leaves.