Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cache Me If You Can


Hiking every day brings several rewards . There's the joy of just being outdoors, the thrill of discovering a new place, the pleasure of strenuous physical challenge and the excitement of setting a goal and meeting it. One of the greatest rewards, however, is meeting new people. On Monday, when I did the Lykken Trail hike, I met a couple of gals from Canada. They were heading up the trail to find a geocache and leave a little stuffed beaver in it.

For those unfamiliar with geocaching, it is like a high tech scavenger hunt using GPS to find locations and the internet to share where those locations are. People bring little trinkets and toys to leave in the geocache and take a toy or trinket with them.

After meeting these Canadian ladies, I got curious about where there might be some of these caches in my neighborhood. I was quite surprised to discover there are TONS of them. So I picked one, printed up the directions and went hunting. Nikolas loves an adventure, so he came along.

I don't have a regular hiking GPS (I've never seen the need) so I used the one from the car.

One of the waypoints on this trip are these water tanks. I'm on the right track.

I came upon this very rare Desert Hat Bush in full bloom. The hat was actually my size but I'm sure someone will be back for it. Besides, I'm looking for another treasure.

I get to my next waypoint, this Bighorn Sheep sign and am surprised to discover the cache is not up this trail, as I'd originally thought.

It's behind us, up this hill.

There it is, hidden under a big pile of rocks. It was really pretty easy to find even though I've hiked by it a thousand times.

Nikolas digs it out of the rocks. Let's see what's inside!

There's not a lot of treasure here. Some trading cards, a few coasters, some toys and pens. Nik asks if he can throw the "Hello Kitty" off the mountain but I tell him no although I kinda wish he would.

We decided to leave something someone can actually use. Someone with an iPod, that is.

Nik takes a little rock shaped superball

And let's the whole world know how cool finding treasure is.

We pack everything back up and put it back the way it was. A treasure for someone else to find.

On the hike back, we see these bees just starting to build a hive. Nik asks if he can throw a rock at it but I tell him no although......

We also spot this hummingbird just kicking back enjoying the afternoon.

You never know where you're going to find a treasure, or if you are, but the fun is in looking for it and discovering treasures and pleasures you never imagined.

Oh, to my friends and family who read my FaceBook post and think I sprained my ankle and will be changing my blog to Hobbling Every Day: Happy April Fool's Day.

For more info on geocaching and where to find geocaches in your area, go to:

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Steve said...

I needed a cord for my ipod ! Kids lost two already, and that one you left I can get to in 20 minutes!
( I live at the TH )
Life is good!

thanks Hal