Sunday, April 19, 2009

Physical Therapy


I called in sick today for the first time in years. I've had to call off due to one of my kids being sick but not for myself. I was reluctant to do it but I had to for two reasons.

1. I am sick. Rest is what I needed more than anything and that's what I did today. I slept, sat around and consumed a lot of fluids. I feel a lot better than I did this morning.

2. I don't want to make others sick. I really hate it when sick people think they need to tough it out and show up at work, spreading their infection to all the healthy people who should be at work. Sick people should stay home! So, that's what I did.

By this afternoon, I felt well enough to go on a hike. Well enough thanks to ample doses of Advil®, Sudafed® and Chloreseptic®.

I headed to the Palm Desert Hiking Park and today I actually felt well enough to drive myself. Besides, one hike every ten years or so is probably enough for my wife.

I've never been up Fox Canyon so I might as well check it out. It looks pretty flat and that's perfect for me today.

Doesn't look real fascinating but you never know.

Looks like someone's been here camping.

And someone's been here digging a big old hole in the ground for some reason.

I get to this dry fall that I have to go around. As I stand considering my options, I hear a sound and wonder what it is. It only takes a second to figure out it's me, wheezing. I certainly feel better but no one said I'm well yet.

Thankfully, the dry fall is not too difficult to surmount.

As I look further up the canyon, it doesn't look too great. My legs are scratched up enough already so I am not going this way.

I decide to exit the canyon and head up this ridge.

It's a good thing I did because I quickly hit the trail.

Which I follow around until I hit the Herb Jefferies Trail and head back to the beginning and home. There's a spot on the couch that has my name on it.

Too bad I don't have a soft cuddly bunny to make me feel better. I guess I'll just have to snuggle up with the wife instead.

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