Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cross Country


I am looking forward to having a vacation. Maybe then I will have enough time to have a leisurely hike and be able to explore until I know what awaits around every bend.

I headed out after work to hike to the Palm Desert Cross and see what was on the trail beyond it.

This is a good hike to do in the late afternoon because the sun is behind the mountains and the temperature starts to cool.

The trail continues beyond the cross so I decide to keep going hoping that I'll come out somewhere near a road where I can walk back to my starting point.

As you walk down the trail beyond the cross, you can look back up the hill and see the back side of the cross. (Click on picture to enlarge).

The trail continues until you drop into this canyon where you can see the trail climbing out the other side.

This is a great little canyon which has water in it. It might be runoff from the golf course but it looks to me that this water is naturally occurring.

The trail then continues until it crosses a road to the Stone Eagle golf course.
They make it well understood that you are supposed to stay on the trail, which is my intention anyway.

You soon come upon another canyon and I decide to take it for two reasons. One, I love exploring and this canyon looks interesting and two, it's getting darker and I need to figure a way to get out of here and back to my Jeep.

This is a great little canyon that has a good steady flow of water running down it.

There are some palms growing here although they may have been planted because they are all suspiciously about the same size. It's a pretty spot I'd like to return to sometime when I have time. I'd like to see where this canyon comes out.

Off to the side of the canyon is a trail out and it looks like Fred Flintstone left a table here.

I find this road and follow it out.

I get to a real road and make my way back to the Jeep by following a flood control canal. It's not too bad and I only have to hop one fence.

I got back just after dusk but don't tell anyone. I don't want to be thought of as an outlaw. At least, not for something this trivial. .

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