Thursday, April 2, 2009

Car Crash Canyon


With the bottom of Carrizo Canyon closed, I decided to see if I could get to the middle of the canyon without having to hike all the way down from the top. There used to be trails that went up the hill where Highway 74 now goes and I'm wondering if I might be able to find one.

I drive part way up Highway 74 and park near this big long turn. There aren't many places to park on this stretch of the highway so you take what you can get.

I head over to the guard rail and start to make my way down the steep, loose, rocky hillside.

I quickly realize that I've picked up a hitchhiker.

Going down the hillside I see this vehicle that was probably last seen by its owner when he dropped it off at valet parking. I wonder, "Did I set my parking brake?".

For the second time in two days I see a wayward hat. If I needed a hat I might venture down to get it but I'm good with hats right now.

I make my way down to the canyon and while it's not Carrizo Canyon maybe it'll lead me where I need to go.

No luck going this way. The canyon is totally choked with bushes that scratch and I wore shorts today. I've given blood before so I don't need to do it today.

This way doesn't look any better.

I look down canyon but all I can see are steep cliffs, loose rocks and certain death.

I make my way up the hill and try to find another possible route but I stumble upon this instead.

Someone got very artistic with this. Maybe one of their kids painted these.

I look around some more and while I spot a trail WAY below me, there is no getting to it from here. I will just have to find another way, another day.

I walk back by the stone wheel and wonder why someone decided to build it here. All I can think is maybe they were inspired by the sounds of car tires on the highway.


Steven Wayne and Sherry-Ann said...

Hay Hal,
great pic, What type of camera?
Way to go keep on hiking!!
From the golf resort

Hal Summers said...

I've just been using a Canon point and shoot. Powershot S3 with 12X optical zoom. One of these days I'll graduate to an SLR, just not yet.