Friday, April 17, 2009

Going Down, Down, Down, Down.


I am not 21 years old anymore.

My post concert refractory period is much longer than it used to be. Three nights of averaging less than five hours of sleep is catching up to me. Also, catching some kind of upper respiratory infection and a sore throat isn't helping matters much. My Glory Days may have passed me by but nothing is going to stop me from getting out on the trail even for a little bit. I ain't dead yet.

I headed out toward the Bear Creek Trail area and will decide how far to go based on how I feel.

I head up the trail and have to stop at the top to rest. Who wouldn't? I must have gained 30 feet of elevation.

I follow the trail and have a nice view of this half moon over Coyote Mountain.

I get to the trail junction and have to decide which way to go. That's an easy one today; I'm going back. It seems the monumental winds we had blowing through this area did a number on the trail sign. It's not surprising since the winds hit over 60 MPH.

I haven't explored this canyon yet. I'll have to remember it for when I feel better.

On the way back I decide to go to the right and take a different tack. Mix it up a bit.

As I am approaching my starting point I look up the hill and notice that the cross that had been there for months is gone. That wind did a number on anything that wasn't nailed down.

Tonight I am resting up in case so I'll have the energy to do something a bit longer and more interesting tomorrow. I figure after a good night's sleep and a couple of medicinal shots of Jack Daniels, I'll be back to my OLD self.

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