Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wild Thing! I think I love you.


What a crazy day! It took a full force commitment for me to get out and complete a hike today. First, I had to wait at home for Fed Ex to come and bring me a package. Naturally, it didn't come until the afternoon. Then, my brother brings his daughter over to play with the boys so I couldn't just up and leave. After that, they all want to go swimming so I took them over to my mother's house for a little pool time. It was then that I was able to break away.

My wife took our eldest son and a buddy to his baseball game in the Jeep so I was left with the mini van. I wanted to go and check out another oasis in the Indio Hills but couldn't drive all the way out there in the vehicle I had. Looks like I'm walking through the open desert.

I pass this power line road and think maybe I could drive up this. It looks pretty good. Then I think about how long I'd have to hear about it if I got the minivan stuck in the sand and am happy I left it on the road. It's kinda eerie walking under those things and hearing them buzz. I don't like it at all.

After walking a while, I come to a State Park sign. This area is slated to be closed with other State Parks due to the budget crisis. I don't know what good that will do; it doesn't seem like they spend much money out here.

Hiking toward the Palms I really wish I had the Jeep, for obvious reasons.

There is a big line of huge rocks blocking the wash. It has been placed there in order to keep people from driving all the way up to the Palms. It didn't work very well. There are plenty of tracks on the other side of the rocks. People just went around them. People always do. There is no one here to stop them.

The palms here at Macomber Palms are very healthy. There is plenty of new growth and while some of the older trees have lost their crowns, it appears that the oasis is growing. This is yet another oasis along the San Andreas Fault. There are several lining the Indio Hills.

Judging from the mesquite in the area, this must have been an important food gathering spot for the Indians. There is enough mesquite here to feed several families.

Several of the palms have been burned.

But there are also many palms that have beautiful full skirts and that are still in their natural state.

I don't know what difference it would make to close this area. It's wild, lawless and untamed, like deserts everywhere. That's what makes it charming.

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