Monday, June 29, 2009

Hot and Bothered


After hiking in the mountains the last couple of days I was getting spoiled. I was looking forward to going up high again today but it didn't happen. I had the day off but the kids were tired from their weekend and didn't feel like going anywhere. So we stayed home and I was not happy about it. I would much rather have spent the day high in the mountains with the temperature in the 70s than here in the desert with the temperature in the 100s. But sometimes being a parent means you don't get to do everything you want. Actually, that's most of the time.

So I waited as long as possible to go out and started hiking once the sun went behind the hill. The temperature was still around 100 degrees but it wasn't bad once I started going. Really.

I went over the Lake Cahuilla and was going to get dropped off at the Morrow Trail Head. There was a small problem, though. The road to Lake Cahuilla was closed and locked. It says it's closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Somebody needs to tell them today is Monday.

While the air is hot, the sun is mercifully behind the mountains and there is just enough light to make it. I hope.

The trail will connect me to the top of the Cove where my wife will pick me up. If the pool at Lake Cahuilla were open it might be a better hike to do in the opposite direction and end with a plunge. Maybe next time.

On the hillside near the trail there are several trail monuments that generally mean there is an Indian trail somewhere near here. I don't have enough light to go exploring today, though. I'll have to remember this for the fall.

While it's tempting to go and walk down the fairway, I will respect the owners and their willingness to allow the trail to cross their property. The trail heads up the sandy wash on the right.

The trail climbs up to the left but I decide to go straight instead. It looks like people have climbed up that way and since I'm a little pressed for time it looks like a short cut.

The climb was steep, loose and rocky but doable. It also was definitely shorter.

At the top there are some type of monuments, similar to what I've seen along trails in 1000 Palms as well as a few others.

There are also a few large rocks mounds. I don't have time to really explore around here but this is pretty interesting and I must have hiked by here a hundred times.

There is also a trail. Hopefully, it's another short cut because the light is fading fast.

I lose the trail and have to travel cross country. It's slow going because the terrain is rocky and loose and I have to make sure I don't fall or step on a snake. Some short cut this turns out to be.

After going through a couple of little rocky canyons I hit the trail that will take me home and with just enough light to see.

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