Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making Sacrifices


It is not easy hiking every day. Sometimes I have to choose between hiking and doing something else. This year my commitment is to hiking so whatever other choices I have lose out. Tonight the family was going to some new Eddie Murphy movie and I had to pass. I don't remember the last Eddie Murphy movie I saw was but I'm sure it would have been a laugh riot. I'm sure I'll hear about the best flatulence joke or the funniest pratfall and that will have to do, at least until the kids want to get the movie on DVD. The things I sacrifice for hiking.

Today's hike was a pretty easy one. Sometimes I hike to explore. Other times I hike for the exercise. This afternoon I hiked for the peace of it.

Starting at the parking area for the Homestead Trail I am very pleased to have some clouds blocking the sun. The temperature has still been perfect for this time of year but I forgot a hat so I don't want to get much sun on my noggin.

There is a great little picnic spot at the trailhead. One of these days I'm going to bring the family and have a little picnic with them. It'll probably now have to wait until summer is over but I'll drag them down here sometime.

As I'm hiking along this trail I see this helicopter out cruising around. At first they circle the hill above the Bump and Grind "trail" and I think maybe someone has taken a spill up there. They're probably just checking out chicks because they soon leave and head south.

I'm hiking up to the Palm Desert Cross, a symbol of the ultimate sacrifice in the Christian faith. It makes my sacrifice seem insignificant.

Closer to the cross.

The view from up here is wonderful and it's so relaxing just to sit here and watch the shadows lengthen out across the valley.

The views are not only good looking down at the desert floor, either. The views across the hill are good, too.

I'm also enjoying just watching the clouds move across the sky. When you live in the desert,
you have a greater appreciation for clouds than someone who lives in a place like Seattle might.

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