Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Trail For the Future


As I mentioned yesterday, due to work I am stuck in town for the next few days and won't be able to do something out of town until the weekend. So I figured I'd just head up to the top of the La Quinta Cove and do a lap around the trail up there.

At the top of the cove are lots of signs. This one for some vigilante group is adjacent to the trailhead.

I decide to walk toward this mountain to start my lap on some trail I've hiked before. Where the trail abuts the mountain there is a concrete water diversion that is covered with graffiti. Maybe I should report it to the Top of the Cove people although I wonder why they don't know about it already.

As I get to where the trail heads up I see this wash over on the right and decide to go this way instead. Since I have to go to a place I've already been, at least I can go a way I've never gone.

The wash doesn't go very far so I decide to head up to the alluvial fan above it.

There is no trail here but someone's been here. This is perfect for Kahlua even though the locking mechanism doesn't work. I take it with me.

I go up toward the mountain and hang a right. This would be a nice place to a trail for people to walk their dogs. There's a little elevation gain, there's a nice view and there aren't any sheep here.

There's a nice view looking down toward the wash that leads to the Boo Hoff trail.

Here's where it could connect with the existing trail.

I don't know if this "new" trail would get as much use as this trail but it wasn't that long ago that this trail didn't exist, either.

So this is where the next trail in La Quinta should go, up along the base of this hill. It would make for a nice loop and be a great addition to the trails here. Next time I have to do a lap here near home I know where I'm going.

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