Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Reruns


As much as I like to do a different hike every day it's just not possible, especially in the summer. Most people take vacations in the summer but my work is busy right now. It used to be that the season happened, well, during the season. Now the summer is the season. Of course, people don't come here to hike in the summer. And that's OK. I don't like crowded trails.

I headed up the trail and mercifully it is fully engulfed in shade. The air temperature is 100º but it actually feels very tolerable, even comfortable.

Right near the top of the trail someone has started to build this little rock circle. I used to build forts when I was a kid and this is sorta the same thing.

I'm going to head up to this little canyon. I went there a few months ago with Nikolas and his friend, Jakob. This time it is just Kahlua and I.

This trail sign has been replaced since the last time I was up here. Kahlua gives it a sniff but she's a female so it doesn't get christened.

It even got a new sign in addition to the new pole.

When I first hiked this trail about 20 years ago it was barely detectable. Now it is easy to follow. I feel two ways about this. One, I'm glad that people are getting out and appreciating the wonderful wild areas in the desert. But then I also am worried about what that might bring. There are already some signs of abuse like graffiti on some rocks and beer bottles and cans left along the trail. Some people just don't know how to treat wilderness.

Kahlua is very excited to go into the canyon. You never know what you might find. Of course, sometimes it's nothing.

Or nothing much. Someone built this little dam to catch water. It probably hasn't held any water in months but I'm sure it would extend how long water stays here by a couple of days.

This dry fall had a little water coming down it the last time I was here but this time it is completely dry. One day I am going to try to explore this canyon to the end but I need to do so when the weather is cooler and with someone else along. There are a LOT of loose rocks to climb and it would be better to have someone along just in case.

There is just a little moisture remaining in the sand here and a colony of bees have decided to build a home in the sand. I'm not going to get too close. I'm still just a tad skittish around bees right now.

While this canyon feels like it is so isolated and wild, it is just a short distance from civilization.

And as much as Kahlua loves going hiking, she's glad to get back and get some water.

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