Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heat of the Moment


This morning I had to wait for a construction crew to come and do some home repair before I could go hiking. That killed my hope of going to Idyllwild for a hike so I'd have to go near home. I'd hoped they'd be coming early (around 7:30-8:00) but they didn't get there until much later. I didn't mind the extra time to sleep but as far as hiking goes, early afternoon is not the ideal time to go this time of year.

With the construction guys working on the house, tearing down the old stucco in our breezeway, I left to go on my hike. It was about 11:00 and the temperature was already over 100º with no shade. I will be keeping it short and simple.

I walked over to the Yucatan plain and headed up this trail that I've never followed here.

I wasn't missing much. It pretty much ends and drops down into a wash but I decide to take this route, cross-country, because it looks more interesting and I've never gone this way.

And what do you know? I found a cairn to knock over. There is a faint but usable trail that someone has put ducks along. I knock them down because they are not needed and besides the trail just ends. Why have people following a trail to nowhere?

After following the trail to nowhere I find a proper trail and hike a bit until I see another duck up on this rocky hill. I wonder where it leads.

It goes nowhere except this overlook of the La Quinta Mountain Course. Those sprinklers down there look really good right now. It's about 106º at this point.

I hike up to this rock that reminds me of an iconic desert picture (you have to use your imagination). My wife doesn't see it but I think it looks like a howling coyote. Sort of.

Here's a closer shot. Let me know in comments if you can see it or if my wife is right again and I'm just nuts. Of course, if you can imagine it, you might just be crazy, too.

On the way home, I spot this rock circle that looks like a crumb donut to me. Or maybe I have just been out in the sun too long.


neverwashasbeen said...

I kinda see it, Linda's right, we're both nuts.

libhotmama said...

I don't see it, but there is an Easter Island kinda guy in the photo. He's got a faux hawk, nose jutting out about half-way down and a grim, straight mouth.
When are you getting out of the heat and coming down to the beach with the kids? We are BBQ with Becky for the 4th. (She will be a guest, not the main course)

gambe said...

Yes, the howler is there!