Thursday, September 17, 2009

Schey Trail from Cat Canyon


My list of hikes that I've not done in the local area keeps getting shorter. I can only think of a few that I've yet to do and I'll have to wait until it's just a bit cooler to attack those because they're all hard. OK, there may be a couple in the Indian Canyons that I could do but since I'm cheap I don't want to pay the $8.00 for a couple of hours of hiking. I'll just wait until I can spend the better part of the day there to get my money's worth. Plus, the drive kills me sometimes. I'm not getting tired of hiking but I do get tired of driving to get to places to hike.

Today I did a hike in a place I haven't been to since spring: Cat Canyon. It was only a fifteen minute drive from work.

At the place in the wash where I park to hike up Cat Canyon there's always been a fence. Now the fence is gone. That's a good thing. We need more easy access to hiking, not less.

This sign was also taken down but not removed. Maybe I'll affix it to one of the fence posts.

There are a LOT of footprints in the canyon, more than I've ever seen before. I don't know if people are coming here because they can no longer go to Dead Indian and Carrizo Canyons or if there are just more hikers looking for new places. This is both a good and bad thing.

The trail itself has seen some work since I was last here.

But it could still use a little more. There's been some erosion and washouts due to rain.

I hike to the top of the saddle past where the Schey Trail takes off to the left and the Hopalong Trail continues on past the Bighorn Club. Looking back I can see where the Hopalong Trail continues toward its starting point behind the Palm Desert Target. Doing this entire trail before the year is out is on my list.

Looking south I can see Martinez Mountain in the distance. Though I've stood on its summit many times I'd also like to do this before the year is out. I'll announce it ahead of time in case anyone wants to come along. It's about sixteen miles round trip.

From the top of the saddle I decide to climb this little peak to enjoy the view.

I'm happy I did. The view is dramatic and the weather is superb. One of the great rewards of hiking is that after the physical exertion required to reach a rocky hilltop you are met with views so sublime that all you can do is sit down and enjoy them. There is no better way to relax than this.

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