Friday, September 11, 2009

Eagle Canyon, Palm Springs


The Santa Rosa Mountains south of Palm Springs are loaded with trails. This area is very popular with mountain bikers due to several old Jeep roads that traverse the area and there are plenty of trails to interest the hiker as well. Mountain bikers refer to these as the "Goat Trails" although there are not any goats in these hills nor have there ever been. I guess they meant sheep, unless they're just referring to some of the old goats who live in Palm Springs. That would make sense.

The easiest way for a hiker to access these trails is the road to the east of the Von's Rimrock shopping center. Bypass the gate and head toward the two large water tanks.

Once past the water tanks, the trail is on the right.

At the top of the hill you get a nice view of Murray Peak. There is a trail from this direction that reaches the top of Murray Peak. I'm looking forward to doing this once it cools down just a little more, about another 25ยบ.

There are sections where it is necessary to hike on sections of the various road that are up in these hills although never for very long.

Sticking to the trails when possible and heading in the direction of Murray Peak brings me to the palm-filled Eagle Canyon.

At Eagle Canyon you can head down into the canyon or uphill around it. I decide to take the high road. Yes, to the surprise of some who know me it is possible.

The trail continues beyond the canyon in the direction of Murray Peak, where it meets up with more trails.

The sun vanishes behind Mount San Jacinto.

The Tram light shines atop the mountain and tells me it's time to get out my headlamp.

Rather than going back the way I came I head up this trail in order to do a little loop.

The McManus Trail? That's a new one to me. I have no idea where it goes.

I won't be finding out where it goes tonight; that'll have to wait for the future when time and temperature aren't a factor.

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