Sunday, September 20, 2009

Neighborhood Watch


I had no idea where I'd hike today. I got off work this afternoon and wondered where on earth to go. I didn't have much time and it was pretty warm so my selection was limited. Upon arriving home I found that I'd be doing a hike I had not even considered. The reason? A bunch of neighbor kids wanted to go along. So due to that, I went on the trails right by my house.

These boys' parents sure are lucky to have me for a neighbor. They are going to have over an hour of peace and when the boys get home they'll probably be tired and want to go to bed early tonight. I wonder if I can get them to return the favor sometime?

Along the hike today are (from left to right) Markus, Steven, Jakob (standing), Erik, Eddie, Johnnie and Kahlua.

We're going where?

For the entire course of this hike, the two six year olds, Johnnie and Markus, lead the way. Want to solve the energy crisis? Figure out a way to harness the power of a six year old.

We hike over to the golf course but it's getting late so don't let the boys explore the hillside for stray golf balls. Also, with this many boys along I don't want one of them to wonder off too far and slip on the rocky hillside.

Even though we didn't find any golf balls, we did find this flag that someone put up on the hillside for some reason. And, no guys, we can't take it with us.

So we plant it in the hillside and leave it for someone to shoot at. This is definitely a par 5.

Someone has built another rock circle up on this trail. I wonder if they're thinking of putting a new tee box up here?

I'm king of the hill!

The boys don't want to but we have to head back to civilization.

But not before they slide down a hill on the seat of their pants. I'll tell their parents I'm sorry if they get any holes. It's a small price to pay for a little peace and quiet.

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Libby said...

Very cute. Those parents are lucky you take a bunch of boys hiking. You should be a boy scout leader!