Friday, September 25, 2009

Alive Again


I went to the Living Desert today for the first time since summer started. They close down the hiking area during summer to insure that no tourists die out there. It's probably a good idea.

The sign points out to the hiking trails but you have to make a little detour to get there.

They're doing a little project and you have to make your way around it.

I don't remember this but maybe it was because it wasn't too hot when I was last here but I think every trailhead in the desert should have misters.

The Living Desert has animals that aren't part of any exhibit. This Snowy Egret is probably just here to enjoy the misters as well.

This is so tempting. I probably wouldn't think too much about climbing it but when they put out a sign telling me not to it, makes me really want to.

I get to where the trail forks and head to the canyon route.

One of the volunteers is doing a little bit of maintenance in the canyon, lopping some of the Catclaw Acacia. More needs to be done because I still catch my arm on one.

The canyon hike here is really fun with lots of rock hopping. Later this fall I want to follow it to the end but don't have time today. I've got to get to work.

On the way back I get a nice view of the mountains and think about how cool it must be today up on San Jacinto.

The golf cart makes its way back to the main part of the park and I really wish I could get a ride. TAXI!! Oh well, I guess I've just hike back and really, I don't mind. The weather is getting to the point where it's nice to visit the Living Desert and the train will be opening in a week. I think next time I'll bring the kids.

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