Monday, September 21, 2009

The Crest of Spring


This week will be a tough one for me. Not only will it be hotter than I'd like it to be for this time of year but my work schedule is not going to give me very much time to get out and go places. That's why today I headed up Highway 74 and went exploring behind Spring Crest. I drove the Jeep up about as far as I could and still have a good place to turn around because from the topo map and Google Earth it looks like there's some sort of trail up here. The trail, if it really exists, goes along the face of Santa Rosa Mountain over to the Sawmill Road.

I park and start looking for the trail. I could've continued driving up the road but I wasn't sure if I'd have a good turn around spot.

The trail is not readily evident and if there is one it is very overgrown. Obviously.

Bashing around through the bushes I find this pipe so that's a good sign.

And here's an even better sign. I've reached the Forest Boundary and hopefully will find some semblance of a trail.

I finally find what I'm looking for. It appears to be an old road of some kind.

The road deteriorates and I turn right and start heading up this gully. As long as there are no bushes blocking my path I'll be OK.

There are sections higher up where it appears that this gully was once some sort of road.

At this point, though, it is so eroded that the only way to travel on it would be on foot. The Jeep might be able to make this but it's way beyond my driving skills.

The gully/road is relatively steep and gains elevation quickly. I get nice views looking down upon Pinyon Flats and Asbestos Mountain.

I think about climbing this rock to get a better picture but quickly decide against it.

In order to get on the rock requires me to pass through this brush and I'd prefer to go home with some skin on my legs.

Even without climbing to my preferred perch I can see Sugarloaf Mountain and the Coachella Valley. I'd like to go further but it's time to head back.

Going down that rocky gully in the dark would not be my idea of fun. But once the weather cools down just a little bit more I'd like to take this trail/road all the way across Santa Rosa Mountain. I want to find out why someone would put this here.

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