Saturday, April 4, 2009

C'est le vie


Sometimes real life gets in the way of your plans. Today, I had hoped to go to Joshua Tree. I had my hike all figured out and the pictures were already in my head. I just had to get them into the camera. But life just would not allow it.

First, I went and bought something for my computer that I found on Craigslist. Then I had to configure it, start a backup and check my email while I was at it. My older son informed me he wasn't going hiking but to the baseball field so that left my younger son and I to go. By the time we got ready, so much time had passed that it was impractical to make the drive and be back in time for a 4PM baseball game. Joshua Tree will just have to wait.

Instead, I went out to where Jackson Street turns into Avenue 66 and hiked over by the Ancient Fish Traps. I figured if Indians were here, they had to have trails so I set out to find some.

I wasn't long until I found some semblance of trail. I don't know if it is ancient or made by Native Americans but it is here and I just can't say no to a trail I've never done.

The trail becomes impossible to follow as I get into a bunch of rocks but I think I'm going to aim for that little saddle since that seems to be the obvious place to go.

I guess it wasn't only obvious to me as I pick up the trail once again.

The area up here is laden with trails and the remnants of some stone walls or possibly wind shelters or hunting blinds.

There are lots of little trails that go every which direction and I spend some time following them around.

One interesting thing is this area that is cleared and laid out with lots of quartz. It's like some kind of dance floor or maybe just a nice place to sleep for the night.

As I get up a little higher I am able to see the pattern of some of the trails below.

I also spot this trail leading to the West. Hmm, I wonder where this goes?

It heads across the hill and on to another trail. The area has a weird feel to it because there is a constant buzzing sound, like a low hum, the whole time I'm up there. I keep looking around to see a bee swarm or tons of flies or something but there is no explaining it. It sounds to me like the sound of power, of electricity, and it is kind of eerie. Not scary, just odd. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything quite like it.

I keep following the trail, which is wide in spots and in other places has bushes growing in the middle of it. Obviously, this is a VERY old trail. I can spot it across the way and continue on.

One last hill to climb and we'll see where this goes.

The trail starts going down toward this cove area. I can imagine what this looked like when the ancient Lake Cahuilla licked the shoreline here. It must have been like an ancient Rivieria. It had to be beautiful to behold. The trail obviously went down to where the water was and then went up the other side somewhere. I won't be able to find out where this trail goes or if there is another trail somewhere beyond. At least I won't be able to do it today. I have a baseball game to go to.

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msugarpants said...

looks like as far as i went on the ol trail too. lets follow it down sometime.