Saturday, January 2, 2010

Doing My Homework

365 hikes are a lot to go through so it will take me a few days to get my lists up. Keep checking back and if you have a favorite trip that I did or a favorite post, leave me a comment or send an email. I plan on doing a favorite hike list and a not so favorite list. I will also do a favorite pictures post. Reading about the hikes that I did at the beginning of last year it is amazing that I kept going. I have three of my least favorite hikes in the first couple weeks.

The blog will remain active even after I move on to my new blogs. Blogger is FREE and Google upped the free storage of pictures on Picasa so I will not have to pay to keep the pictures online. I'm also going to go back and see if there are any hidden gems amongst my photos that I didn't post because they didn't fit the narrative.

Thanks for reading and your kind words of support.

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