Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rocking With The Boys


Dead Indian Canyon, in South Palm Desert, is a great place to take the kids. It's pretty, it's short, it's interesting, there's lots of rock scrambling and there's a good chance you may see a Bighorn, especially if you go late in the afternoon.

One of the great features of this canyon is the rock scrambling involved. The boys don't waste any time when it comes to starting climbing.

The boys do some quick inspection on the rocks along the wash. All geology classes should be held outside. Kids might be interested then.

This little rock shelter make the guys wonder if some animal lived here.

The fun really starts when we have to climb the rocks in order to get to the palm oasis.

Making our way through the palm thicket requires more balance than climbing over the rocks.

Up near the top of the canyon is another little spot to explore.

It doesn't go back very far and ends at this skylight.

We should've brought a lunch because this is a great spot for a picnic.

Climbing up the rocks isn't the only fun thing in this canyon. Nik gets big air on the way down.

If you've got some kids that are "bored" sitting around watching TV or playing video games all day, Dead Indian Canyon is a great place to take them. There's no boredom allowed here.

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