Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Hike A Day For A Year

With the New Year quickly coming upon us I started to think about what I might want to improve about myself.  Like everyone, there's a list of items that could use some work.  

I could be more organized, nicer and funnier.  I'd like to be a bit taller but I'm thirty years past puberty so I doubt I'll be getting any more growth spurts.

Eating healthier would be up there but Betty Ford doesn't have a program for Häagen-Daz addiction.  Swearing off fast food would last until I drove past an In-n-Out Burger.

Since I don't really smoke or drink other than the occasional cigar or sip of Scotch that's not something that needs to be tackled.  

Then it came to me: HIKING.  I love hiking.  Ten years of my life were spent tending a hiking shop and talking to people about hiking while doing far too little of it myself.  In the intervening ten plus years I have done much more hiking than I did as a shopkeeper but not nearly enough.  My ever expanding gut testifies to that.

So in 2009 I resolve to hike more.  Much more.  

My resolution is to hike EVERY DAY during 2009.  

Now these hikes are not going to all be long, challenging adventures although some will be. Some may be very short. Many will be boring and in the desert close to my house.  There will probably be a few walks on the beach included but I will strive to take at least one hike every day.  And I will write about them, every one.  Plus, I'll post pictures of some of the more interesting outings.

I hope you'll come along sometime and if you have any hiking suggestions, please send me an email.  If I'm going on a trip somewhere, I'll announce it in advance so if any of you have been there you can send me your favorite hike.

What have I got to lose except about 40 pounds?


Libby said...

Good job, Halhiker! Chris, Libby, Sarah and John are going to join you in this quest! Maybe We can join you for a hike sometime! Right on, dude!

marcij said...

Hi Hal, I have some nephews that
are 18 and 23 that would probably like to join you. They keep saying they will be up here soon. I will pass on your link and super cool pictures. Nice work with the kids. Good luck on the 40 pounds:) Marcij