Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Sweat Home


For the past several days I have been hiking at higher elevations and really enjoying the cooler weather. Today put an end to that. Since I had to work, there was no way I'd be getting up to the mountains other than the ones right near my house.

Fortunately, the mountains near my house are in the shade. That's a good thing since the temperature is about 98ยบ.

If I were going hiking near the mountains across the way I'm sure the temperature would feel much hotter since they are still getting some direct sun.

I'd like to climb straight up this gully to enjoy the view but I brought our dog, Kahlua, along and I don't think she's quite up to the climb.

The moon coming up above Coral Reef Mountain.

Kahlua and I take off up this trail and, while it's steep, she can handle it.

She's thinking, "Dude, I love hiking but it's kinda hot today. Let's keep it short".

She's a California dog. She calls everyone dude. And for her sake, we're keeping it short.

We hike along some faint trails hoping we don't see a rattler.

We then get on a more distinct trail when I spot something interesting.

Another VERY faint trail. Do you see it?

One reason I know it's a trail is because of a series of rock piles like this one.

And this one.

And yet another.

There is a whole line of these markers and I want to keep following them but it is getting dark and Kahlua is chugging like a locomotive. I want to get her home to some cold water and A/C. Maybe I'll have to get up early some morning and explore here. Of course, I say that now; actually getting up early some morning is a different story. For now, we hit this trail and head home.

With nothing but the moonlight to guide us.

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